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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s Video Call with Nasir-Junaid Murder Case Accused Sparks Controversy

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In a startling revelation, a video clip circulating on social media has shown incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi engaged in a video call conversation with Monu Manesar, one of the accused in the Nasir-Junaid murder case. The purported 38-second video, whose exact date remains undisclosed, has added a layer of complexity to reports suggesting that Monu Manesar, who is facing charges in the Junaid-Nasir killing case, was keen on affiliating with Lawrence Bishnoi’s criminal syndicate.

The video prominently features Lawrence Bishnoi alongside his accomplice Raju Basoudiya (Basodi), while Monu Manesar is seen inside a car, accompanied by an individual identified as Bholu Dhana.

Upon surfacing online, the video swiftly went viral and garnered attention across various social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter).

The yet-to-be-determined date of the video has fueled speculation and further deepened suspicions that Monu Manesar maintained contact with members of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, potentially indicating his intentions to align himself with Bishnoi’s criminal network. It is worth noting that Lawrence Bishnoi has been incarcerated for several years, raising concerns about the reach and operation of his gang from within the confines of prison.

This development has not only intensified ongoing investigations into the Nasir-Junaid murder case but has also raised questions about the effectiveness of prison management and the extent of criminal networks’ influence even behind bars. Authorities are expected to scrutinize the video closely as they seek to unravel the intricacies of criminal activities in the region.


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