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Former MLA and Shiv Sena Spokesperson Krishna Hegde Collaborates with Mumbai Police in Pursuit of Missing Stockbrokers Involved in Rs 1000 Crore Scam

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Krishna Hegde, former MLA and Deputy Leader and Spokesperson of Shiv Sena, held a meeting last week with Joint Commissioner Mr. Nishith Mishra to discuss the Bliss Consultants’ Rs 1000 crore stockbroker scam case. This case involves stockbrokers Ashesh Mehta and Shivangi Lad Mehta, who have been untraceable for the past three months after disappearing with over Rs 1000 plus crores of public money.

During the meeting, Hegde provided additional details to the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) and Mr. Nishith Mishra, who also convened his officers to determine the next steps in the investigation. The EOW has taken charge of the case following the initial FIR registered by Hegde at Amboli Police Station.

Prompt action by the Mumbai Police has already resulted in the freezing of Rs 165 crores of public money in the Bliss Consultants’ accounts, with Rs 160 crores in Kotak Bank and Rs 5 crores in Zerodha Trading. Joint Commissioner Mr. Nishith Mishra has pledged swift and effective action in this matter.

Hegde emphasized the importance of justice for the approximately 4000 investors who have lost money in the scam and urged them to come forward and register their complaints and FIRs with the police, either nationally or with the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police.

“A look-out notice has already been issued for the couple, thanks to the intervention of Honorable CM Shri Eknath Shinde ji. I have briefed the Honorable CM again on Saturday regarding my meeting with EOW officers,” added Hegde. He also urged all investors not to speculate but to take prompt action and formally record their complaints and FIRs to facilitate the recovery of their funds.

Hegde noted the widespread impact of the scam on over 4000 investors, emphasizing the need for caution when dealing with schemes that promise high interest rates without adequate security. In the past three months, victims of two other Ponzi schemes have also sought assistance from him, underscoring the importance of avoiding such high-risk investments.


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