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FCCI to hold international conference in May calling for UN reforms for the changing world

By: Adv Pranita Deshpande

Twitter: @advpranita_a

The HagueThe Netherlands: The Foundation for Critical Choices for India (FCCI), The Netherlands, is organizing an international conference on the theme ‘United Nations Reforms for the Changing World with Special Focus on United Nations Security Council’ (UNSC) on May 3 later this year. 

The international conference will be held at the Kasteel de Wittenburg, Landgoed de Wittenburg 1,2244 BV, Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

Foundation for Critical Choices for India (FCCI) is a think tank and focal point for initiating and implementing studies and programs on issues of strategic importance to India in social, political, economic fields by mobilizing the resources of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian origin (PIOs).

The United Nations (UN) is a 77-year-old world organisation representing 193 Member States. In today’s world, the UN intends to act on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century.

Such issues are a) maintaining international peace & security, b) protecting human rights, c) delivering humanitarian aid, d) promoting sustainable development, and e) upholding international law.

In today’s highly multipolar, nationalistic, globalised world, the UN is facing critical issues such as a) power imbalance, b) non-equitable representation of member states, c) lack of democratic principles in decision-making and d) dependency of the UN for funds on its member states. Several new global challenges are emerging (especially in relation to peace & security) that require coordinated actions.

Thus, the incremental structural reforms at both UN and UNSC levels are vital for building reconciliation amongst the member states to make these institutions more relevant and effective. 

The FCCI has conducted a systematic study through several brainstorming sessions, and through a legitimate literature survey came up with some new suggestions in terms of framework guidelines dealing with mechanisms to empower the UN through its ‘One World’ approach of collective governance. A special focus is given to UNSC reforms.

Here, The Foundation (FCCI) has come up with several innovative inclusive guidelines to make UNSC more equitable representation and impart democratic principles in decision-making. Additionally, a mechanism has been proposed for making the UN financially independent for its effective global governance.

The main aim of this international conference is to present our findings, exchange views, and openly discuss much-needed UN reforms with the representatives of several UN member states, representatives from veto-holding nations, G-4, G-20, C-10 nations, EU, and other stakeholders.

This international conference is the first major step to push further UN reforms without any biased approach and start the challenging journey to build consensus amongst the UN member states. The program will be highly interactive and includes speakers and panellists from different backgrounds such as experts on UN affairs, diplomats, representatives from the corporate world & experts on international law. 


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