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Chinese Woman Falls in Love With Pakistani Man on Snapchat, Travels to Islamabad To Meet Him

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Love sees no border, as another case of cross-border love story has emerged in Pakistan. A Chinese woman on Thursday landed in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad to meet her 18-year-old friend Javed, whom she befriended and later fell in love with on social media.

Javed is a resident of Bajaur tribal district bordering Afghanistan. Gao Feng, a Chinese National, travelled by road via Gilgit Baltistan from China to reach Pakistan. The 21-year-old Chinese woman is on a three-month visit visa to Pakistan.

As per Police, Javed and Gao Feng came in contact with each other through Snapchat and their friendship later turned into a love affair. Citing insecurity at his hometown in the region near Afghanistan, Javed took the Chinese woman to Samarbagh tehsil of Lower Dir District.

The Chinese woman has been provided with full security in the Samarbagh area, said District Police Officer of Lower Dir District Ziauddin. The police further said that the travel documents of Gao Feng are in order and that the couple has not performed Nikah.


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