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AAP eyeing Haryana with some attractive promises and new faces for next year’s assembly polls

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New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was born in Haryana, is now targeting his city of birth for infrastructural development and overall enhancement. While getting ready to fight for next year’s assembly elections, the AAP is luring its voters through a massive month-long membership drive that aims to garner huge participation from the residents of the city.

Residents can give a missed call on 76500-88000 to be a part of the membership drive to support AAP in its initiative to convert Haryana into a progressive state. While there are a couple of other political parties aligned with AAP, and all of them mostly offer a similar set of things to their supporters.

AAP has objectively defined its strategies for a better understanding. This new approach can be verified by the way the AAP has won its majority in Punjab and now wants to conquer Haryana.

Nyvaan Sharma, leader of the AAP, has rightly pointed out how, “Despite increasing taxes, the current government has a huge amount of debt on its head while there haven’t been any noticeable developments in the state. The plights of hospitals are very well visible, schools are not being renovated but rather have been shut down, teachers, students, and government employees are going on strike, there is no infrastructural development, the state has become number one in unemployment, and many more things are happening in the state that are not acceptable.”

If we have a look at Delhi, all the above-mentioned points, which are worsening in Haryana, are vigilantly taken care of in Delhi because the people chose the AAP from free treatments in hospitals to free education in a world-class way, from infrastructural development to the employment of a large number of people, and various other facilities are up and running smoothly by the party and its representatives. It is now Haryana’s turn to enjoy such services by supporting and being a part of Arvind Kejriwal’s party and making them win in the 2024 assembly elections.

The AAP in Delhi has launched a scheme called the Free Electricity Scheme (44 lakh people have applied for the scheme). This scheme provides free electricity, New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to provide 20,000 liters of free water to residential societies, clean toilets to give Delhi a world-class look, and job opportunities for over a million people.


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