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UP cops bring mortal remains of Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad to Prayagraj for burial; visuals surface

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The UP Police on Saturday brought the mortal remains of mafia-politician Atiq Ahmed’s son, Asad Ahmed and his close aide Ghulam to Prayagraj. Both Asad and Ghulam were shot dead in an encounter by UP’s STF team on Thursday.

Atiq Ahmed had been pleading with officials to let him attend the last rites of his son, Asad Ahmed. His mortal remains were finally brought to Prayagraj today and were likely to be taken straight to the graveyard, where he was buried next to his grandfather. The body was not allowed to be taken to their ancestral home in Prayagraj’s Kasari Masari village to avoid crowd build-up.

While Asad’s relatives from the maternal side decided to accept the body and perform the last rites as per Islamic rituals, Ghulam’s family refused to accept the mortal remains, saying that they abide by the law and cannot accept the body of a criminal.

“20-25 close relatives of his (Asad) family are here. Ghulam’s body has been taken to another place for cremation. Asad’s maternal grandfather is here and he is carrying out the process of cremation of Asad,” said Satish Chandra, SP, Crime, Prayagraj.

As per sources in the police, monitoring the investigation, Atiq Ahmed had put Asad in action for Umesh Pal’s murder, who was the prime witness in the killing of BSP MLA Raju Pal in 2005. As per Atiq’s plan, Asad’s role was to just supervise from inside the SUV.

However, the 19-year-old defied his father’s instructions and was caught on CCTV chasing Umesh Pal and shooting at him. As police were able to access multiple CCTV camera footage from the spot, and could recognize Asad, it was clear that Atiq Ahmed was behind the sensational murder.


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