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Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar Warns Against AI Bias on Social Media Platforms

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Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has weighed in on claims of AI-based censorship on social media platforms, addressing concerns raised by users regarding alleged biases in content moderation.

In response to assertions made by a user on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the alleged censoring of content from right-wing publications by AI tools, the minister expressed strong disapproval of any perceived bias. He emphasized that biased AI tools infringe upon the Safety & Trust obligations outlined in Rule 3(1)(b) of IT rules within India’s regulatory framework.

Chandrasekhar firmly stated, “Search Bias, Algorithmic Bias, and AI models with bias are real violations of the Safety & Trust obligations placed on Platforms under Rule 3(1)(b) of IT rules under regulatory framework in India. Those aggrieved by this can file FIRs against such platforms, and safe harbor/immunity under Sec79 will not apply to these cases.”

These comments by the minister come following assertions made by a user named Arun Pudur, who raised concerns about the potential dangers as AI becomes more prevalent and is utilized in law enforcement, government decision-making, and justice systems. Pudur highlighted the urgency of addressing these issues promptly.

Chandrasekhar’s statements underscore the growing significance of addressing biases within AI algorithms, especially concerning their impact on content moderation and decision-making processes on social media platforms. The minister’s stance signals a call for accountability and adherence to regulatory frameworks to ensure fair and unbiased online environments.


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