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‘They want to murder me’: Atiq Ahmed on being shifted from Gujarat to UP jail

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Gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed is fearing for his life after his transfer from Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh was approved on Sunday. Ahmed is named in more than 100 criminal cases, including the recent Umesh Pal murder case, police said.

Ahmed alleged that the UP police will kill him under the pretext of court appearance in his home state. Ahmed has been taken from the Sabarmati jail in Ahmedabad to a prison in Prayagraj.

“Hatya, hatya (murder, murder),” Atiq Ahmed told reporters outside the jail.

When some reporters asked him while he was being taken to a police van if he feared for his life, the former Samajwadi Party MP said, “Mujhe inka programme maloom hai…Hatya karna chahte hain (I know their programme…They want to murder me).”

He also said that his appearance in a Prayagraj court was a just pretext for the police to kill him. He will be produced in court on March 28 when it is scheduled to pass an order in a kidnapping case in which he is an accused, officials said.

“Court ke kandhe pe rakh ke maarna chahte hain (They want to kill me under the pretext of court appearance),” he said as he was taken towards the van.


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