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Odisha Train Tragedy: Survivors describe gruesome scenes after accident claims 238 lives

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Survivors of the devastating train accident in Odisha, which resulted in the loss of 238 lives and left over 900 injured, have shared harrowing accounts of the tragedy. Limbs were scattered throughout the accident site, painting a gruesome picture of the aftermath. Survivors recounted the terrifying experience of being woken up by the train derailing and being injured when several people fell on top of him.

According to Odisha Chief Secretary Pradeep Jena, a passenger train collided with the derailed coaches of another train in Balasore on Friday evening. Compounding the impact, a third freight train was also involved in the accident. With many still trapped, the death toll is expected to rise further. Survivors who managed to escape described the horrific scene of severed limbs strewn in every direction, with disfigured faces haunting their memories.

The Railway Ministry spokesperson, Amitabh Sharma, revealed that the Coromandel Express, traveling from Kolkata to Chennai, crashed into the derailed coaches of the other train, which was en route from Bengaluru to Kolkata. The collision occurred near the Bahanaga Bazar station around 7:20 pm as the train was heading from the Shalimar station near Kolkata to Chennai Central station.

A passenger onboard the Coromandel Express told ANI, “We were in the S5 bogie where the passengers mostly escaped with minor injuries. We are painters by profession and were on our way to Chennai.”

Recalling the nerveless minutes leading up to the derailment of coaches, the survivor said that the incident had occurred at 6.50 pm on Friday, shortly after when they heard a loud noise from the collision of the express passenger train with a goods carriage.

“We are heading home now and have informed our families that we are fine,” the survivor told ANI.

However, another survivor, still shaken by experience, in a conversation with NDTV, recalled the terrifying moment of the derailment when multiple individuals fell on top of him, resulting in injuries to his hand and neck. After escaping the train, he was confronted with a devastating sight of limbs scattered all around, with legs and hands strewn across the wreckage.


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