Majeed Brigade blew up the security blanket

Gwadar port becomes very important if the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is to be completed, which strengthens the association between China and Pakistan


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Two attacks in the last two weeks have shaken Pakistan’s security system. The first attack took place in the area of Gwadar port authority and the second at PNS Siddique naval airbase. Both these attacks have a common thread. It is the association of Balochistan and the Balochistan Liberation Army. Gwadar is a port in Balochistan province. PNS Siddique is also a naval base at Turbat in Balochistan province.

Gwadar port becomes very important if the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is to be completed, which strengthens the association between China and Pakistan. China is developing this port. China plans to use this port in the future to transport its goods. PNS Siddique is the second-largest naval base in Pakistan. Fighter planes are also stationed at this base. There is also a movement of Chinese equipment and Chinese citizens. Pakistan has only four active naval bases.

There is another similarity between the attacks in Gwadar and Turbat. That is the active participation of the Majeed Brigade in these attacks. There is strong evidence that members of the Majeed Brigade carried out these attacks. Majeed Brigade is a suicide squad of the Balochistan Liberation Army. Its members blow themselves up in explosions and attacks.

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This suicide squad has been established in memory of two brothers, Majeed Langove (Sr.) and Majeed Langove (Jr.). The elder brother was killed by security forces in 1974 in an attempt to assassinate the then Prime Minister Zulfikar Bhutto, while the younger brother died in 2010 while rescuing his colleagues from security forces. Since then the people who fought for the freedom of Balochistan consider these brothers as their role models. Majeed Brigade was established in 2010. The following year he made his first attack. Their target was Shafiq Mengal, a leader who demanded action against the freedom fighters of Balochistan. He survived the attack. However, 13 others were killed. After that, Majeed Brigade remained dormant for almost seven years due to the financial crisis.

For Majeed Brigade, the years 2018 to 2020 were very eventful. He made four attacks one after the other. The first attack was on Chinese engineers. The second was at the China Embassy in Karachi. The third was at a hotel in Gwadar and the fourth was at the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

It is estimated that there should be 100 to 150 members in the Majeed Brigade. There are also women in it. All these members are skilled in handling and handling weapons and explosives. Unlike the suicide squads of other organizations, members of the Majees Brigade are not locked up. They are free to mingle in society as well as with their relatives. They also have the right to choose their target. They also have the right to change or distance themselves from the campaign if they are not satisfied with the set targets.

After almost four years, the Majeed Brigade has proven its existence again. Pakistan’s Army and Navy might even counter them. However, the Majeed Brigade has certainly not only brought the freedom struggle in Balochistan to the world map but also strengthened it.

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