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Maharashtra: Minister Abdul Sattar Forcefully Grabbing Soldier’s Land To Build Medical College In Sillod, Alleges Sanjay Raut

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Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar has found himself involved in a series of controversies, with recent reports suggesting his involvement in acquiring land belonging to army personnel. This has led to a heated exchange between Sanjay Raut, MP and spokesperson of the Shiv Sena UBT, and both Abdul Sattar and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Abdul Sattar’s latest controversy revolves around the transfer of land for the establishment of a medical college in Sillod. The land in question includes a plot owned by Yogesh Gorade, a military department jawan, who alleges that Abdul Sattar is attempting to illegally acquire the land. A complaint has been filed with the District Collector, prompting Sanjay Raut to challenge Devendra Fadnavis based on a letter from the District Collector.

In a direct question to Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Sanjay Raut expressed his concerns about the reported land acquisition. Raut criticised the alleged mistreatment of soldiers fighting on the Indian border and accused Abdul Sattar of looting their land. He challenged Fadnavis in his tweet and asked him how will he deal with this now.

Raut in his latest tweet said, “Devendraji, is this true? Will deal with Aurangzeb later. First, land a kick on this Aurangya’s back. Soldiers fighting on the Indian border are being looted. What are you doing about it?”

The controversy surrounding Abdul Sattar intensified when his alleged aide, Deepak Gawli, was involved in a raid on an agricultural fertilizer company in Akola industrial estate. Amidst this, Dainik Samana reported on the establishment of the National Education Society in Sillod.

The society, founded by Sameer Ahmed, a relative of Abdul Sattar, possesses 205 plots, duly recorded on Satbara after legitimate land purchases. Abdul Sattar’s involvement in securing seats for his medical college allegedly led to harassment of the plot holders, including the army personnel affected by the land transfer.


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