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Kapil Sibal raises 8 points on manner in which Atiq Ahmed was killed

Gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were gunned down by three assailants on Saturday, April 15 in Prayagraj while they were being taken for medical checkup. The incident was captured on camera of media persons and it happened on live television. Surprisingly, all three assasins surrendered as soon as they gunned down Atiq and his brother.

The killing has raised eyebrows in the political circle with many dubbing it as an extra-judicial killing and calling out the lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh. Whilst government appointed panel probes the killing, here are eight points that thicken the mystery surrounding this killing.

Here’s what he wrote, “Atiq & Ashraf (The art of elimination) Odd: 1) 10pm for medical check up ? 2) No medical emergency 3) made victims walk 4) open to media? 5) assassins unknown to each other at the spot ? 6) weapons above 7lakhs 7) well trained to shoot ! 8) All 3 surrendered.”


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