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India’s G20 Presidency Amazes with 100% Consensus on New Delhi Declaration

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India’s successful G20 Presidency has garnered international attention and admiration, as the New Delhi Declaration achieved a remarkable 100% consensus among all member nations on all 83 paragraphs. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke about this significant achievement during a Think Tank event in New York, highlighting the surprise of many observers at India’s ability to unite diverse nations.

Jaishankar emphasized that India’s leadership brought together not only Western countries but also major global powers like China and Russia, as well as other developing nations, to find common ground on various critical issues, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This achievement underscores the diplomatic finesse and strategic prowess of India’s leadership on the global stage.

The G20 Summit under India’s presidency reinvigorated its primary mission of promoting global growth and development. Jaishankar elaborated that the summit also showcased a renewed focus on the Global South, emphasizing the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by developing nations.

One of the pivotal strategies employed by India to redirect the G20’s focus was organizing a Global South summit in advance of the main event. This initiative involved the participation of 125 nations from the Global South, further solidifying India’s commitment to addressing their concerns.

Addressing the complexities of India’s G20 Presidency, Jaishankar acknowledged the substantial East-West polarization and North-South divide that they had to navigate. Despite these challenges, India remained steadfast in ensuring that the G20 fulfilled its core mission of promoting global growth and development.

India’s diplomatic achievements during its G20 Presidency have been widely praised for their role in fostering international cooperation and harmony, and the New Delhi Declaration stands as a testament to India’s ability to bring nations together for a common cause.


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