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Father George Solomon Appointed Convenor by Delhi Diocese Board to Oversee Social Activities in New Delhi and NCR

New Delhi: In a significant development, Father George Solomon, a well-known social worker and key member of the Delhi Brotherhood Society (DBS), has been appointed as the Convenor by the Delhi Diocese Board (DDB) to oversee their social activities. Father Solomon will be responsible for managing various educational institutions, age-old homes, vocational centers, and hospitals in the national capital and the National Capital Region (NCR).

Originally from Tamil Nadu, Father George Solomon has been residing in the national capital since 1989. Expressing his gratitude, Father Solomon said, “It is a matter of great honor for me to be entrusted with such a vital responsibility of looking after the affairs of numerous institutions that serve our society.” The DBS, also known as the Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ society, was founded in Delhi in 1877 and has played a significant role in setting up institutions such as St. Stephen’s College, St. Stephen’s Hospital, vocational centers, and age-old homes.

Apart from his new role, Father George Solomon is also renowned as a peace activist and a consistent presence at interfaith prayers held on Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October) and Martyrs’ Day (30th January) at Rajghat and Tees January Marg, respectively. During these prayers, Father Solomon recites verses from the Bible, emphasizing the message of unity and the importance of living together harmoniously. He believes that these interfaith prayers are a powerful demonstration of India’s commitment to secularism, citing Mahatma Gandhi’s exposure to Christianity in South Africa and his encounters with Christian figures like Joseph Doke and C.F. Andrews during his time in Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College.

In related news, Father George Solomon revealed that St. Stephen’s College, after making significant contributions to education and nation-building in Delhi since its establishment in 1881, will be relocating to Haryana. The Delhi Brotherhood Society is currently focused on an ambitious project to establish a school in Sonepat, Haryana, named St. Stephan’s School. Construction work for the new school is progressing rapidly, and it is expected to open its doors for the next academic session, starting in 2023-24.

The appointment of Father George Solomon as Convenor by the Delhi Diocese Board reflects the recognition of his extensive experience and dedication to social work. With his guidance, the Delhi Brotherhood Society aims to continue its mission of serving the community and promoting education, healthcare, and social welfare in the region.



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