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Defamation Suits Filed by BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya Against Opponent and Media Outlets

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Prominent BJP leader and former Member of Parliament, Kirit Somaiya, has taken legal action by filing three defamation suits in the Bombay High Court against several individuals and media entities. The suits revolve around the alleged dissemination of an obscene video featuring Somaiya.

The defendants in these suits include Ambadas Danve, the Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council, a Marathi news channel, and Anil Thatte, who operates a YouTube channel. They are accused of uploading an offensive video featuring the BJP leader.

Justice SM Modak presided over the case and directed the respondents to submit their affidavits within four weeks, marking a significant step in the legal proceedings.

In his legal action, Kirit Somaiya has sought Rs 100 crore in damages from each defendant, citing defamatory statements made against him in relation to the video. Furthermore, he has requested the court to issue an order directing the respondents to remove the videos in question, abstain from uploading any further defamatory content, and refrain from making any additional derogatory statements against him. An additional request made by Somaiya is for the defendants to issue an unconditional apology for their actions.

These legal actions highlight the growing significance of legal recourse in cases of alleged defamation, particularly in the age of digital media and online content dissemination. The coming weeks and months are expected to witness developments in this case as it unfolds in the Bombay High Court.


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