Shocking CCTV Video! Bus Driver Flies Through the Air as Tyre Explodes During Refilling, Resulting in Tragic Death in Ajmer

Local reports have corroborated the incident, providing details about the driver's identity. According to available information


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A chilling video circulating on the internet has captured the horrifying moment of a bus driver’s tragic death in Rajasthan’s Ajmer. The distressing incident reportedly occurred in the Kishangadh area on Tuesday morning as the bus driver was engaged in filling air in the tires of the vehicle. The routine task took a deadly turn when one of the tires exploded, resulting in a fatal mishap that claimed the driver’s life.

The internet has been abuzz with a CCTV footage of the incident, revealing the heart-wrenching sequence of events. In the video, the bus driver can be seen diligently filling air in the tires. In a matter of seconds, a sudden explosion propels the man high into the air before he crashes back to the ground. The impact appears to have been fatal, as the driver remains motionless after the horrifying explosion.

Local reports have corroborated the incident, providing details about the driver’s identity. According to available information, the tragic explosion occurred during the tire-filling process, leading to the immediate and unfortunate death of the bus driver. The accident unfolded near the Gujarati Hotel on Parbatsar Marg in the Rupangadh area near Kishangadh. The deceased has been identified as Boduram Jat, a resident of Losal Sikar, although these details are yet to be officially confirmed.

As of now, there is no information regarding any legal action or investigations initiated in the aftermath of this distressing incident. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the unexpected tire explosion, resulting in the immediate loss of the bus driver’s life, leave many questions unanswered. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks faced by individuals in seemingly routine tasks, shedding light on the importance of safety measures in everyday activities.

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