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Bangladesh Govt Seeks Clarification From MEA On ‘Akhand Bharat’ Map In New Parliament Building

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The Akhand Bharat mural or “map” that was on display in the new Parliament building of India on May 28 has led to questions from the Bangladesh government, which wants to understand why was Bangladesh and its geographical area shown as part of the map. According to news reports in Bangladesh, its State Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohammad Shahriar Alam informed that the Bangladesh Embassy in Delhi has been told to get in touch with India’s Ministry of External Affairs. This is to get an official explanation on the matter, according to reports. However, Arindam Bagchi, MEA spokesperson had said last Friday that the map or the mural represented the Mauryan period or time in Indian history.

“There is no reason to express doubts about it. However, for further clarification, we have asked the mission in Delhi to speak to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to find out what their official explanation is,” Shahriar Alam told reporters on Monday afternoon, reported the Dhaka Tribune.

The report further quoted Alam as saying, “What we learnt is that India’s Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said that this is a map of the Ashoka Empire, 300 years before the birth of Christ. It includes a map of the area at that time and a mural. The mural depicts the journey of people. There may be cultural similarities, but it has nothing to do with politics.”

The Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pralhad Joshi, on May 28 in his tweet had put up the mural and written in Kannada, “The resolve is clear- Akhand Bharat.” As per reports, even Nepal and Pakistan had objected to the mural or Akhand Bharat “map”.


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